Healthcare Professional Education Evenings

2nd Annual Poundbury Fertility at King Edward VII’s Hospital Educational Evenings. Please follow the link below to find out further information and to book a place. Fertility Educational Evenings March 16

Infertility Support Group

Consultant Gynaecologists Mr Michael Dooley and Mr Yau Thum will explore: Problems getting pregnant. If IVF does not work – Natural Killer Cell Testing. Please use the link below to get further information and to book a place. Infertility Support Group...

International Olympic Committee

Experts from around the world met to discuss exercise during pregnancy and after child birth for elite athletes.

Infertility Network UK

Poundbury Fertility is proud to support the charity Infertility Network UK as a member of the clinics outreach scheme. Follow the link below for the Autumn 2015 magazine.


Poundbury Fertility Collaborates with The Lister Fertility Clinic 30 09 15

Fertility Check from 25?

Click on the link below to read the following article featured in Fertility Road. Fertility Checks